Steam boiler

Whether it is a fast steam generator, a shell boiler, an industrial power plant or a power plant for electricity generation, we offer a product and performance program tailored to each plant size.


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District and local heating networks


Both in large networks of municipal utilities and in heating systems of commercial and residential properties, water is used as a heat transfer medium. In combination with the existing mixed installations, inadequate monitoring and treatment cause corrosion and buildup of deposits which impair the efficiency of the installation.

To meet this problem, we offer our analysis service and on the basis thereof an individual treatment strategy and/or cleaning measures. From appropriate plant filling with the help of mobile softening and desalination plants, treatment of the feedwater during operation and cleaning of heat exchangers to regular control of the circulatory water, we help our customers to add value to their plant.


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Industrial cooling water

Open or closed cooling systems are often of crucial importance for the production processes. Damage to these circuits is associated with production downtime and high repairing work costs. For this reason, the protection of these systems is particularly important.

A treatment and monitoring strategy adapted to the water quality, installation materials and process parameters helps to prevent damage to the plants and to ensure their effectiveness.

Our service supports the selection of suitable chemicals and the performance of cleaning services.


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Cooling water with specific requirements

Sensitive electronic systems or systems operating at high voltage such as converters in foundries require particular care when selecting conditioning chemicals. On the one hand, the corrosion protection must be matched to the usually used non-ferrous metals; on the other hand, high demands are placed on the quality of the cooling water with regard to conductivity. In some cases, requirements for frost protection must also be adhered to.

In this regard, we offer special anti-corrosive additives which influence the conductivity of the cooling water only to a small extent. In addition, we produce customized coolants with frost and corrosion protection and low conductivity values.


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